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We are a personalized home project service provider. What does a personalized service mean?

We understand that each of our clients is unique, as are their homes. Amber meets with each of our clients to learn how you live, work and play in your home. She works with you to design a step by step process that will meet all your lifestyle needs. Studies show that having your home styled in a way you love, makes you more productive and happier. Our goal is for you to love your space. We help you stay on track with project goals, save you time, and save you money. Through the process we use sustainable resources to set you up for a lifetime of loving your home and supporting the local community. Maybe you have just bought your first home, or maybe you have lived there for 20 years. Based on your needs and our experience, we can advise when to hire a professional and when to save money and DIY. Bring us your ideas, we’ll help bring your vision to life. We can also help you find the right professional to fit your needs. You deserve to make your space, your happy place.

$225 - consultation

Let’s get real. We’ll sit down and start talking about your next home project. Whether it is an overall refresh, a renovation, or restyling, you have come to the right place. No judgements. From this session you will receive your online personalized look book that you can keep and reference anytime. After this session, you will receive a personalized project plan. You can use this to either proceed on your own or you can hire us to help you. Let’s have fun creating a place in the world that you love.

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space planning

Let’s bring life back to your home. During the initial consultation, Amber will take measurements and photos. Please note, photos are private unless otherwise discussed. After the consultation she will go home and draw a floor plan for your space. We will then play with this floor plan to find the ideal layout that meets the needs of your lifestyle. We want you to come home to a place that helps you relax. You can choose to move the furniture around yourself, or we are here to help. We can also discuss getting rid of items that no longer work and can replacing them with pieces that might work better.

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sourcing home products

First, we like to start by finding hidden treasures that you already own. We like to get creative with the pieces you have and think about different fun ways we can use them. Now, let’s add pieces that reflect your vibe. From furniture to décor, window treatments, lighting, rugs and artwork, it’s all out there, let us help you pick the right pieces. Amber is mindful of finding products for you, and incorporates into her design, pieces that are certified by Forest Stewardship Council, Fair Trade Certified, handcrafted, certified Organic, recycled, reclaimed, restored, and chemically conscious. Consigning old pieces will be recommended when possible.

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home styling

Do you want to give a dull space in your home a refresh? Let’s design your space by adding function and style. Color palette, layout, lighting, furniture and personal items are all brought together to give you the tools to love your home. Let’s brings new life to your space and make your space, your happy place.

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removal of unwanted items

Do you feel overwhelmed by stuff? We are here to help. We want spaces to feel open and inviting. We help you remove unwanted items by identifying which items can be consigned and which should be donated to local charities.

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Color Selection

Does the paint color on your walls need a boost? Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost the mood of your space. Certain paint colors have the power to make a room feel light and airy, while others can make a room feel warm and cozy. Did you know that painting your bathroom a shade of blue can increase your home value by 10%? Let us guide you on what colors work for your space.

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project management

Would you like to improve your space but don't have time? We provide a personalize service to find right contractors for you?  We handle all the scheduling and administrative work that comes with a home renovation or update.  We do budget breakdowns, and negotiations for you.  All trade discounts are passed down to you. 

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Why invest in styling when selling?

Did you know that only 10% of home buyers are able to picture how they would use the space without furniture in it?  

Sell quickly and make more money. Styling broadens the appeal of the house to more buyers by selling a lifestyle.

Styled houses look better than unstyled ones. Your property is presented in its best possible light and is ready to be sold. Styling also gives you greater confidence in showing your home to buyers.

Styling allows buyers to mentally picture moving in right away. Interested buyers can form an opinion about your house within just seconds of seeing it. Professional styling helps a home sell faster, giving you the best possible returns for your property. Remember: the longer your house sits on the market, the less it sells for.

Real estate appraisers are more likely to appraise styled houses at full value. Ultimately, you will have to make the decision about whether or not to have your home styled. But keep in mind, forgoing styling could mean leaving thousands of dollars on the table.